2G/3G/4G Coverage On EE (and future use)

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2G/3G/4G Coverage On EE (and future use)

Postby spotify95 » 31 Aug 2016, 18:16


I've just made a couple of drawings which should help to explain the coverage principles of the EE network.

The key represents the frequencies used by EE and the colors used to represent these frequencies.

The green coverage ring will only ever be used on devices that have access to 4G Calling (VOLTE) as it has the greatest coverage of any technology. Devices that do not support 4G Calling will need to fall back to another layer for calls, and if those devices were allowed access to the green coverage there would be situations where a user would have data, but no calls. Not good!

The solid black line is the current 2G coverage, and will also be the 4G coverage in the future, once a power increase has taken place.

The dotted black line is the maximum 3G coverage. The blue line is the minimum 3G coverage. (3G has a maximum and minimum coverage, due to some of the properties of 3G.)

The red line is current 4G coverage. Has to be kept within 3G(min) to allow devices without 4G Calling to drop back to 3G to make calls. In time, calls will drop to 2G instead, allowing a power increase on 4G for non VOLTE devices

The yellow ring is for high frequency 4G and is only used in areas where capacity is required, such as large towns and cities. The yellow ring will not affect overall 4G coverage.

So imagine that the current 4G coverage from a mast is that of the red ring. When 4G Calling is the norm, it will increase to that of the solid black ring. Result: more places will have 4G coverage!

edit: In rural and semi-rural areas, once all devices are capable of 4G Calling, coverage from most masts may even be that of the green line - so much greater 4G coverage!
Coverage map for EE frequencies.jpg
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