Blast from the past!: Equazen Brain Teasers

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Blast from the past!: Equazen Brain Teasers

Postby spotify95 » 21 Jul 2017, 18:45

After thinking about a few things that I used to do when I was younger, I remembered that I used to listen to Heart FM on the way to and from school.
Now this was a few years ago, and believe me, you won't catch me listening to Heart FM for any substantial amount of time now, but back in 2012 there was a campaign on the radio from Equazen (the company that manufacture the Eye Q supplement tablets). It featured various brain teasers designed to get young people's brains working nicely.

The article about this is here: ... n-campaign

Believe it or not, after a quick search I have managed to find the brain teasers that aired on the radio 7 years ago, and yes they are still playable so you can join in!

Link to the brain teasers: ... ers_01.swf

Now, did anyone manage to get all 20 of them correct? :D I'm sure I didn't when I first listened!

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