EMR (East Midlands Railway) Reviews

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EMR (East Midlands Railway) Reviews

Postby spotify95 » May 26th, 2020, 6:27 pm

Have a look at some EMR reviews:

1) https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e5e4 ... 0864ac5857

Note this part:

I 100% will never be travelling with EMR again. I would much rather pay a fraction of the price for a guaranteed seat on a coach even if it is a 4 hour journey instead!

2) https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e237 ... 0bec3a6481

They've shrunk the seats and tables.
The prices are ridiculously high. (Not to mention that the prices go up each year...)
Transport for the masses is a joke.
Government wants us to stop using the car? But let money grabbing companies hike prices cut costs to make more money.
I cannot wait to pass my test.
It's cheaper to travel in a gas guzzelling car than public transport?!

That's just a joke!

Indeed, it likely is cheaper to travel in a car! If both me and my parents wanted to travel north (to Leicester, for example), it would cost up to 3 times as much to go by train than it would do to go up in a car... Plus, in a car, you aren't governed by late running trains and/or severe overcrowding and/or lack of entertainment and/or rude staff etc...

Only difference is that the speed limit is 70mph (on dual carriageway/motorway) compared to up to 125mph (on train) but then again, who sticks to 70mph on a motorway anyway... :p Plus, if I wanted to visit Hull (or Birmingham), it's straight in the car to where you want to go, no messing around changing at (1) Leicester (2) Sheffield etc...

For me to get from where I live to Hull, would only take about 2.5 hours in the car... to do it by train, you have to change at least twice! I'd rather travel to Leicester as per normal, then get a coach...

And let's not forget my review. Which I may have posted elsewhere on this site:

https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e3d2 ... 04c0dc5549

I'll let you read that one. ;) If I lived somewhere else, with multiple providers, I'd not use EMR.
If it was feasible, I'd drive...

There's a few more on the old East Midlands Trains Trustpilot page, including this one:

https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e543 ... 0bc4095576

So if traveling from Leicester to Luton (they mentioned Luton in the review):

Route 1
1) Leicester to Birmingham New Street via CrossCountry
2) Birmingham New Street to London Euston via West Midlands Trains
3) London Euston to London St Pancras via London Underground (or just walk it, it's only 12 minutes...)
4) London St Pancras to Luton via Thameslink


Route 2
1) Leicester to Nuneaton (CrossCountry)
2) Nuneaton to London Euston (West Mids Trains)
3) London Euston to Luton via London St Pancras as described in Route 1

Route 3
1) Leicester to Peterborough via CrossCountry
2) Peterborough to London Kings Cross via LNER
3) London Kings Cross to London St Pancras - walk it, it's only 1 minute
4) London St Pancras to Luton via Thameslink (see Route 1/2)

Or... just get a coach from Leicester to Luton (via Milton Keynes), and save the hassle!
Or even better... just go down the M1, it'll take less than 1 hour and 20 minutes!

So in order to avoid EMR / East Mids Railway / East Mids Trains (or whatever they want to call themselves), some journeys will be substantially increased, both in cost and length of time, and it may well be just as easy to drive (of course, the Government want people to take public transport, and not drive)...

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