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Re: Linux on a Virtual Machine

Postby pinkteddyx64 » November 8th, 2014, 10:55 pm

spotify95 wrote:I know this is wayyyy off topic (really need to make a mobile sub forum!) but I think I've just found the WCDMA Preferred setting for my Galaxy S4. This mode prefers 3G over 2G and will only drop to 2G if there is no 3G whatsoever.

Previously I used the default (LTE/GSM auto) and since Virgin Mobile don't do LTE (4G), it is effectively a GSM preferred setting. I don't want GSM!!!!!
Then swapped to WCDMA Only - result? Better 3G but no fallback
Then swapped to WCDMA Preferred (found the setting, finally!) and will have to test it out :)

Imageeriously, life's too short to be worried about retards on an internet forum. :eek2: :eek3:

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