My Hermes Couriers - Are You Kidding Me?!

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My Hermes Couriers - Are You Kidding Me?!

Postby spotify95 » 03 Jan 2018, 19:43

This has to be one of the worst courier services around!

I previously mentioned MyHermes on this forum for damaging (and then losing!) a set of camera batteries last year, and then, on a separate occasion, leaving a set of lithium batteries out in the rain by delivering on the only day that no one was going to be in on.
Thankfully, both cases above were resolved; I was compensated for the lost batteries and the inner packaging was enough to preventing the Li-Ion batteries from getting wet and going boom-boom.

Recently, MyHermes have gone and excelled themselves - by not being able to collect a parcel I ordered!

Here's the scenario: I recently ordered a job lot of 3x laptop batteries on eBay and the seller used MyHermes for the courier of choice.
All was fine until yesterday, 1/2/18 3:41PM, when the tracking showed that collection had been attempted.
Checked again today (1/3/18) and to my surprise, another failed collection attempt at 3:12PM!

Contacted the seller and it turns out that MyHermes didn't even bother to come out and collect the parcel on either attempt!

Seriously, are you kidding me - MyHermes are paid to come out and collect the parcel from the sender so why aren't they collecting it?

It seems as though, due to these delays, MyHermes are going to try and deliver my parcel on Monday, 1/8/18 - which is no good at all as that is the only day that someone will not be in! Will they try and dump my parcel outside in the nasty weather again....

I hope the seller paid the extra 80p for the signature!

See below for the full tracking log to date...
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