Black Friday at LIDL: Trekstor Surftab Twin 10.1 Convertible Notebook

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Black Friday at LIDL: Trekstor Surftab Twin 10.1 Convertible Notebook

Postby spotify95 » 22 Nov 2017, 00:15

Lidl supermarkets will be having a Black Friday deal this year whereby they are selling a "Trekstor Surftab Twin 10.1 Convertible Notebook".

It costs £199 and is essentially a laptop/tablet hybrid with a 10.1 inch display.

It has an Intel Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and a 64GB internal flash drive. It also has a HD display.
More details can be found here: ... cleId=8473

Trouble is, with those specifications, it is only suitable for light to moderate tasks - and a 10.1 inch screen makes it more of a tablet that can occasionally be used as a laptop, rather than a full laptop designed for portability.

Also, note the price - £199 - which, for these specifications, is far too expensive.
At this sort of spec level, you're competing with other laptop/tablet hybrids, like the Linx 1020 tablet/laptop hybrid. The latter has similar specifications (except 32GB storage instead of 64GB - easily expandable via microSD), and is cheaper - link here: ... B01LWK42GM
You can get them even cheaper than this if you look around on eBay/Gumtree - I've seen them for under £100.

If you have a limited budget and want a decent experience, then one of these cheap (or in Lidl's case, not-so-cheap) hybrids is not the way to go, unless you only do light tasks, such as web browsing/Youtube/Tunein Radio/Office, and prefer a more portable device with a smaller screen. Though even Office work would be a struggle, since the small screen of 10 inches does not lend itself to Office work, which is often performed on 14 inch and 15 inch laptops (and of course, desktops).
Going along the used route on eBay and/or Gumtree would be a better route, as you would get a machine with better specs for less money. Granted, it might not be as portable, and it might not have Windows 10 on it, but you can upgrade any laptop running Windows 7 or 8.1 with one of those cheapo eBay product keys, that you see on sale for under £10.
(Machines that can't run Windows Vista/7/8.1 very well should be avoided, due to poor specifications.)

Conclusion: as stated above, don't get one of these unless you are looking for a Windows tablet that can be used as a laptop - and even then, you might be able to get something similar for less money. If you want a laptop, get a portable (13 or 14 inch) laptop. If you want a tablet, get a decent Android, like the Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

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