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Re: Ebay "name and shame" thread

Posted: Feb 12th, 2018, 22:59
by pinkteddyx64
spotify95 wrote:Now then, is this just me, or is February 2018 the month of dodgy buyers?! This is the 3rd time in a few days that I've had to update this list...

Here we have an absolute gem. I didn't think this would ever happen, but here goes...

User in question: jimmynock38

This buyer didn't even have the chance to pay for their item - because I wasn't going to allow them to insult me in the way that they did, regarding eBay's "Best Offer" feature.

Now, to clarify this feature to those who are eBay novices: if you see a listing that has a "Best Offer", and you don't want to pay the full price, then you send the seller a sensible offer that you are willing to pay. You don't waste their time with silly, ridiculous, insulting offers... and if you don't want to pay close to the asking price, you look elsewhere.

So what do you think my reaction would be to someone offering less than 1/3rd of what I am asking?!

This person made an offer on my string of 48ft festoon lights (24 bulb holders total), which I have up for sale at £65. Looking on eBay, this is near to the going rate for festoon strings, plus it gives myself (and @Kyx who helped me out with these lights) a bit of profit when they sell. They are in good condition, so are worth the asking price (or close to it).
So imagine my reaction when I get offered just £20 for the set of lights, including P&P?

£20 will not buy the light string, ever.... It will only just buy the lightbulbs that are supplied with it (and then you'd still have to find a fitting to use with said light bulbs). If I sold that string for £20, then I would make £11.50 after fees and postage deductions, i.e. almost a £30 loss. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

When I last looked, £20 including postage would only just buy you a string of 10 festoon lights from the Far East; the aforementioned lights will be of questionable quality, will take over a week to arrive (unlike my choice of next day courier), and certainly won't include any light bulbs...

I'd rather put the lights back up in the room that I was going to use them in, and give the area a nice bit of additional light...

Moral of the story: Be sensible with your offers and don't insult sellers by "offering" 1/3rd of the asking price! If you want cheap lights, or want to give insulting offers, look at other sellers' listings - not mine!

Action: Offer refused (obviously...). Jimmynock38, you won't get a chance to revise your offer and submit a sensible offer, because you're also banned from purchasing from me! Now be gone.... and stay gone!

See attachments for more evidence/reasoning.... I have only decided to blank out their residential address because I am in a nice mood.
I bet your morals regardless of your mood would stop you ousting their address. ;)