LIDL Livarno Lux 20W LED Spotlight with PIR - £19.99 from 12/17/17

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LIDL Livarno Lux 20W LED Spotlight with PIR - £19.99 from 12/17/17

Postby spotify95 » 14 Dec 2017, 20:35

LIDL supermarkets are going to be selling an outdoor LED spotlight with PIR motion detection sensor as of Sun, 12/17/17.

It is rated at 20W and is weatherproof (IP65 rating) - making it suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.
Also has an adjustable PIR motion sensor, with an on-time ranging from 5 seconds to 7.5 minutes.

Rated light output is 1600 lumens.

You can see the product here: ... cleId=8946

As can be seen, this is a very good spotlight for covering reasonably large areas with a focused light output. Not as bright as the 30W LED spotlight that was sold a while back, but much better than the 23W "energy saving" CFL PIR spotlight that was mentioned/reviewed on here a few months ago.

Competitively priced too - £19.99 RRP

If you need an outdoor LED spotlight, this is the way to go.

(Also of interest: the CFL 23W spotlight I reviewed will be put up for sale on eBay and/or Gumtree in the near future, message me if you are interested. Buy it now price will be £14.99, plus a £3.99 shipping charge - though a small discount may be possible to TBAAJ members.)

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