Problems with TBAAJ CTAM thread

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Problems with TBAAJ CTAM thread

Postby spotify95 » 02 Jun 2020, 13:28


Would like to report a problem that used to be an issue, but is now coming up even more and more often/recently.
It is to do with the CTAM thread in Forum Games.

You may all be aware that we currently have one, very large, CTAM thread, with a new offshoot being created every so often, and posts being merged into the "main" thread whenever we get a substantial amount of new posts. I assume this is so we can "try" and get CTAM completed in one.

The trouble is that moving the posts to the large thread in turn makes the large thread extremely difficult to navigate - especially if you're trying to quote a previous post, because you're not on TBAAJ all the time and the post has suddenly been moved.

Furthermore, it used to be able to navigate OK, but very very slowly. We're now getting "General Error" whenever we try to quote in something from the aforementioned very large thread, making it impossible to reply.

The TL;DR of this is that having CTAM in one large thread is completely unsustainable to the site, and we are also hitting limitations of our software with MySQL errors.
We can't keep CTAM going the way it is.

Options going forward are to (a) invest in more server capacity in the hope that the SQL / General Errors are resolved - or (b) do what we should have done, split the thread at 500k and have two 500k parts, to make the million. Not only would this prevent the need to manually move posts every 100 or so, but it would also resolve the unbearably slow (sometimes even impossible) navigation throughout the site.

Thoughts/ideas/updates would be appreciated.

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Re: Problems with TBAAJ CTAM thread

Postby unturned_cake » 02 Jun 2020, 13:31

Ah for the quotes what I do is ...manually copy it and paste with
etc wrote:

But thats quite unfeasible way if we're quote lots frm there O.o

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Re: Problems with TBAAJ CTAM thread

Postby lucozadesp0rt » 06 Jun 2020, 19:24

if quoting is an issue that you cant bare i'd split the thread. would also be better for prosperity's sake :)

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