Count to a 1000 in TBAAJ Royal Flushes!

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Count to a 1000 in TBAAJ Royal Flushes!

Postby coleslaw » 15 Jan 2018, 19:10

Welcome! Same rules as other threads!

A TBAAJ Royal Flushes is simply be the latest poster in all Forum games topics (bar this thread)!
After you've gotten a flush you have to wait until someone else(s) has posted in all of the threads before you can get your next flush.
We can tell separate flushes by the timestamp of the latest post(s) in the screenshot so no doubleposting/cheating!

I'll start!



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Re: Count to a 1000 in TBAAJ Royal Flushes!

Postby spotify95 » 27 Jan 2018, 19:15

Moderator Note

This is just too stupid to continue on with. Wide open to cheating/duping and increasing post count for the sake of it.


@coleslaw please do not create any more pointless forum games threads.

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